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My Partner Brad Lea and I Have Made Millions From Relationships And YOU Can Too, Here Is How

Learning to Consistently Build New Relationships that Pay is the Key to Growing your business quickly and exponentially and is only attainable through the “Relationships That Pay” program.

Have you ever wondered how to become one of the cool kids in business or part of the ‘In Crowd’, so everyone wants to do business with you? 

Or have you ever wondered how to build real relationships that pay without being weird or creepy?

Maybe you have heard the statement “Your Network is your Net Worth” and thought what does that exactly mean and how do I make it work for me.

What you are going to read about in the next few minutes is the only system ever created to show you exactly how to build real relationships that pay.

When you do what we tell you to do, you will be able to find, attract, nurture, and cash in on relationships with anyone you want.
My partner Brad Lea works with the Who’s Who in every industry and we have a simple, never shared before formula, that, if used correctly, you will be able to build a real relationship with virtually anyone you want to do business with.

Let’s be honest, when everything else is even, the person or company who can build the best relationships gets the job.

Very soon that will be you! 
How Is This Different From Everything Else?
Simply said, the 'how to network' B.S. that has been taught for the last 80 years is wrong and frankly ineffective for just about everyone who has tried it. 

Only rapidly and randomly handing out business cards is antiquated and flat out does not work.
Building relationships is a dance; once you know the steps and understand how to use them, you will create way more business. 
How this is different is that we believe a few things that no one is brave enough to talk about.

We think you should want something from a relationship. We think you should be strategic and intentional.
We also believe you are one relationship away from getting all that you want in life and business.

We believe the universal teachings about how to network are ineffective and do more harm than good, and I want to show you in the next few minutes why.
What's In It For Me?
When you get good at building key relationships that pay, you will land more business, keep more business long term, and enjoy the benefits of being in company with others that have your back.   

You will gain way more credibility and get more clients when you have real relationships that pay. You will be invited into more elite circles and be offered opportunities and deals that otherwise you would not have access to.

Simply said, being on the inner circle, you have access to things long before the public does, and that gives you the ultimate advantage.
How Do I Know This Is Real?
A glance at Brad's resume shows that he is in a relationship and in business with the biggest names in the most popular industries. 

How did that happen? He got good at finding, attracting, and nurturing relationships in a way that has and will continue to pay off handsomely. 

I have had KeyNote speakers like Gary Vaynerchuk, Russell Brunson, and other big-name guys deeply discount or eliminate their standard speaking fee simply because I have a real relationship with them. 

Being in a relationship pays big!

We have lived this life, and both of us have made millions using the exact techniques I will explain in a bit.
What's Holding Me Back?
You are being held back by one thing, wrong information.   

We as a society are always being told to ‘be yourself, let it come to you, and if it is supposed to be, it will be.’

That is all not true.

You have to go after what you want and be intentional. We have been taught you cannot be strategic about relationships and that you shouldn't go into a relationship expecting anything.

Two of the biggest lies out there!

You were strategic in attracting your spouse or significant other, and you expected something from them.

Still, you also planned on giving something in return to make the relationship pay both ways.

You need to dump this passive, pseudo politically correct BS and move on with being intentional and being valuable.

You also don't want to come off as creepy and stalker-ish, both very easy to overcome when you understand how to do this.

If you are struggling to network and build relationships, it is not your fault, you have been sold a bag of lies, and we are here to set the record straight for good.
Who/What Is To Blame?
Everyone around you is telling you that you are okay as you are.   

“Don't seem like you want something. Don't be forward.”

And our desire to not want to be rejected keeps us from pursuing what could be mutually beneficial for both parties. This fear and societal pressure has made lambs of true lions, and it can be changed forever.

Can you blame our parents, teachers, and other adults entrusted to guide us for not wanting to be rejected? Of course. But the truth is you do not want their life. You want the experience you see in your head full of great relationships that pay.

This program is your ticket to creating that.

Sorry, Grandma, I know you meant well, but you are wrong ;)
Why Now?
What if Brad Lea wasn't ready when he met Grant Cardone? And Vice Versa. They have both made each other tens of millions of dollars, and if they weren't prepared or didn't understand this or have this skill, they both would have missed out considerably. 
A recent study has shown that the average person meets someone every three days that could radically change their financial future. If they only knew how to capitalize on the opportunity in a non-creepy way.

So time is of the essence to learn it ASAP!

You never know if that next relationship is the one that could help you get to the next level. You could meet them tomorrow. 
The time is NOW to decide and to commit to becoming great at this. 
I wonder how many times our big break is knocking at our door, and we don't have the skills or the mindset to see it and jump on it.

You have to decide right now that you will become great at this.

That way, you can possess the skills necessary to know an excellent opportunity and be able to navigate it with style and grace.

Not only that, but I am going to give you the opportunity of a lifetime to meet with Brad and me in Vegas if you take action right away. It will only be for those action takers that can make a decision quickly — more on that in a bit.
Yes! I Want Relationships That Pay
Why Should I Trust You?
Well, two things. First, I have been in your shoes. 

I was successful. Then I met one man who I did business with, and it 10x my income in 6 months because the relationship was so aligned. 
I was simply one relationship away from getting everything I wanted in this life.

That relationship took me to a new level of multiple seven figures seemingly overnight.
Secondly, look at our results.

People are blown away at who we do business with, and Brad's track record speaks for itself. When the who's who credit Brad for helping them in their journey and you see us in circles that you want to be in, just know that that was intentional and done on purpose.
The truth is people at the top know these secrets. They live by them and prosper because of them.

Brad and I figured it is time we show others how to do this as well. 
Have you ever known a piece of information that you know would change some one's life, and you held it back? It is a miserable feeling.

Well, we know something that is massively affecting you negatively, and we have to speak up.

I've been in your shoes, looking at the in-crowd, making it look so easy. Now that I am here, I want to send an elevator back down to help as many people as possible as well.
How Does It Work?
Timing and context is everything in building a relationship. If you follow the steps in the right order, you will be golden. But If you skip a step or get them out of order, you will be in for some real trouble. 
Imagine baking a cake and forgetting to add the eggs. Then at the end with only a few minutes left of the baking in the oven, you decide to throw some eggs on top? You would get a disgusting goop of grossness.

Why? Same ingredients, but bad timing. 
You had all the ingredients; they were just not put together in the right order.
It's the same in building a relationship.

First, you need to know how to find the right connections that will help you move the needle forward in your business or your life.

Then once you identify who it is you want to connect with, you need to be able to attract them into your world and get them to want to know you and then do business with you. 
Once they know you, then you begin to build and nurture the relationship to a payday.
The old saying that people do business with those that they "Know, Like and Trust" is very true in most cases.
Simply said, if they don't know you or know of you, it will be virtually impossible to do business with them.

We have a unique way that shows you how to find the exact people to reach out to, get them attracted to and interested in you by demonstrating that knowing you will be of great value to them and then what steps you need to take to nurture the relationship along to where both of you are enjoying the fruits of your labor together.
This simple three-step process of how to Find, Attract, and Nurture is our proprietary step by step process to make you a frickin genius when building relationships that pay!
How Can I Get Started?
The principles and strategies Brad and I share in our program are what you would hear us say in a $25,000 to $50,000 mastermind. Previously we have only shared it in those settings. 

We did something different than everyone else. We went into the studio and sat at a table and shared our best stuff in a framework that is easy to comprehend.

You get to listen in and glean this over 50+ years of combined experience that we share on how to find, attract, and nurture the best business relationships possible.
For those ready to take their game to a whole new level, here is how to get started.
You get to listen to all the teachings, take the tests to make sure you are comprehending all of it, and you get any upgrades for life. (normally $2,000)

What you also get when you take action in the next 48 hours is one FREE ticket to our one-day live event in Vegas in February.

Here you will work with Brad and myself personally on your business. We will field questions about your industry, what works best, and how you should personally go after the main people in your niche. This will be custom-tailored to everyone there.

This is not a mass event with thousands of people. No, this will be smaller so we can help YOU plan and execute a game plan that doubles, triples, or even 10x your income this year (normally it would take $20,000 to $25,000 to get Brad or me to be in a room all day talking about your business),

But that's not all; you will have access to a private Facebook group where you can ask questions and get our guidance every week to make sure you are staying on track with your goals (ongoing coaching is priceless).

And lastly, we will be doing a monthly Zoom call where you will be put on the hot seat where we can coach you individually and answer any questions you have about your industry and business (You will get three months FREE access to this by joining today).
No one out there is doing anything like this. No one is going as deep as we are going with the individuals who work with us. 

And even if there was, no two men are more qualified than Brad and Myself to show you the way that really works.

To get this kind of in-depth teaching and coaching would generally cost you over $30,000, but when you sign up today, you get it all for only $697.

Yes, you get the program, the live event, three months of coaching calls, and lifetime access to the private Facebook group for the small investment of only $697.

If you don't see how great of a deal that is, then honestly, I'm not sure anyone will be able to help you.

Here is the best part, our 30 Day love it, or your money-back guarantee. If you don't like it for any reason, just let us know in the 30 day test period, and we will gladly refund your money.

We stand behind our program so much that you can reach out to us on day 29 in the 23rd hour, and we will still honor our word. Simply put, we are taking all the risk, so you don't have to.
What Do I Have To Lose?
Look, you've seen how building the right relationships will make you an extra $10,000, $50,000, or even an additional $100,000 this year alone, not to mention millions in a lifetime.

You saw how Brad and I have used strategic relationships to make a fortune with partners that love us.

We’ve negotiated a special charter membership offer to you that is dirt cheap.

Now it’s time for a decision.

The way I see it, you have three options...

Option #1: Do absolutely nothing and stay exactly where you are right now.

If you already have enough to retire wealthy and you're not worried about running out of money during your golden years...Then maybe you don’t need this program.

But if you would like to build relationships that pay you forever, that leaves you two other options.

Option #2: Do it Yourself

You can try to figure this all out on your own and take the next 20 years to learn what we teach.

And you will make many very costly mistakes like we have, that will cost you way more than the investment into this program

And you can experience the heart-wrenching grief of missing the "Big One" that got away because you got the process out of order.

If you are willing to pay that price, you will hopefully and eventually be able to pull it off, but few have made it alone.

Option #3: Let us do the heavy lifting for you.

We will put our proven system to work for you.

We did the legwork, and you can cash in immediately on our results.

All you need to do is watch the videos, answer the questions, and do the simple easy to follow steps and cash in.

Of these three options, ask yourself,

What’s going to be easier for YOU?

You see, there are two types of people in this world

Those who only dream about achieving their financial goals without ever taking any action to make it happen...

And those who are ready to take action when the opportunity presents itself.

Most people will tell you they want to be rich

But we both know very few actually make it happen

It’s a natural law of financial wealth…

The classic tale of the willful and the wishful.

Most people will keep dreaming...

While the few who are actually serious about their financial future will take action.

Since you’ve read my entire letter this far, I think you’re one of the few special ones… 

One of the 150 people we are looking for

If I’m right and you’re still with me Click the button below, and let's get started!

PS. One lucky person who signs up in the next 48 hours will be picked to come to Vegas and have Brad personally give you an overhaul on your look, style and way you conduct yourself so you can be cool as the flip side of your pillow.
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